all for what?

by Recollections

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released July 9, 2016

Produced by Cody Hettler of Sound Barrier Studios



all rights reserved


Recollections Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Recollections, a five piece metal band from Pittsburgh, Pa. They are driven to enhance their city's local scene and to compose music with emotion yet still be heavy hitting and in your face.

Their debut EP titled Chapters was produced at Sound Barrier Studios in Monroeville, Pa. In essence, each of the songs will be a chapter that commemorates different memories or experiences in their lives.
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Track Name: Cold Hearted
Is this why we're standing here all alone?
Feeling so cold and numb.
Why am I shaking in my skin?
How am I to hide, the filth thats within?

This doesn't have to be the end
The end.

Trapped inside,
This tomb of my, bitter fucking life
Why can't I find my
Way out of this life
On my own
On my own
Track Name: Consumed
Falling in to this weightlessness
I can't breath
From this sinking feeling I can't believe
What I am seeing.

I hope I can find compromise
I hope that this feeling never fucking dies
I swear I can't let this die
Yet again

Heartbeat getting faster
Stomach getting tighter.
Consumed my hopeless soul
screaming yet silent this is how we fall.
The look in your eyes,
Tells everything I need to know.

Falling in to this weightlessness
Still I can't fight the longing for this bliss.

That burning spark in your eyes
Will show me too,
Take me to the end of the earth
Where we fall so far in
Wont succumb to the dark
Your light shines through
To help me see
What I've been searching for is right here in front of me.
Track Name: Parasite
Picking up the fragments of our broken memories
They're not as perfect when their shattered piece by piece
You where the beauty, I was the beast until the pressure released
You turned in to the antagonist
You took my sanity
You took my bliss

I had beliefs
I had my doubts
But none of that shit even matters to you now
I fought my demons
I saw your face in the crowd
You picked me up
To let me back down

I sense the end of an age
Its time to tear of the final page
Of the book we made
Its words never fade
Wasted days, head buried in my pillow case
Finishing last in the race
Fade in to grey

I know you remember how I taste
I know you can't forget my face
I know that you're never gonna fucking change

I had beliefs
I had my doubts
But none of that shit even matters to you now
I fought my demons
I saw your face in the crowd
You picked me up
To let me back down

Don't be surprised when chivalry fucking dies
With all of your lies
Track Name: Emininse Grise
Welcome to my slow spiral down
Washed up from this fucking town
Ridding myself of guilt and pain
We are not the same.

Hoping for death while claiming your life.
Relying on blatant commands to exhume
Whats left of the fucking damned.

Always leaning on the crutch of what you can't un-see
How can you see such fucking greatness in me?
Waste of time
Waste of space
Just a fucking phase

When will you show your true face?
Show me your true face.

Hoping for death while claiming your life
Relying on blatant commands to exhume
Whats left of the fucking damned.

Where all lost souls in this line
Waiting and hoping your
Prayers come true
They never do
We are all bound to
This curse of everyday
We end in the same fucking way

Hypocrisy they preach leaving chaos in the streets
No one to regain control of those too fucking weak.

I am not the weak.

If this is all you learn from me
Turn your back the world is black
Never hope for sympathy.
Track Name: Hellbent
Just wait then you'll see
Hold your breath

Did you find your self?
Do you find this overwhelming now?

Filling the voids with what we've missed
I can't seem to escape
Outraged demons hiding in the mist

Burning both my eyes
Clawing in to my skin
Breaking all my crippling bones
No more control

I've lost it all
All the mistakes I made
Rolling again
Skipping my turn
Kneeling down before you see it your fault
There can be nothing,
There can be nothing,

Nothing can stop you from
Getting what you want
All for what?
So you can die satisfied?
Fuck you and your narcissistic ways

Pushing the limit
Exposing the bone
Sick and deranged mindset
Fed by all the hindering lies

Striving to be
Something more,
No risk
No shame
No name anymore.

Smothered by life this whole time
You'll see i'm not the one meant to die
I feel I'm burning alive
It's not me
It's not me
Track Name: Mislead
Through all the days faced with all these mistakes
She wanted more from the pain but nothing was left to gain.

Fight for your right
Thats what they said
Things will look up knowing they never did
Day in day out
Get your hopes up
Thats what they said yet again.

Why did I want this so damn bad?
Gone through hell and back still can't find my grip.
Missing simplicity
So many inconsistencies
Caving in under the weight

Through the eyes of the naive
They all look so alive
Content, and free

Now I find my self among them
Their all too fucking blind too see
The slaves we are destined to be
For eternity
This isn't what I expected life to be.
Track Name: Night/Day
I can't sleep
I can't breathe
All I hear is my heartbeat
Faintly screaming
Grinding my teeth
Fearing what lies beneath

Picking at my mind
I'm lost inside this time
Feeling the pain
This is no game

I choke this down
Fallin to the ground
No sound
So fucking scream
This is no dream

Praying for daylights break
Save me from this mind I hate

Haunted by life
Released at night
This feeling of strife
How could this be
Whats wrong with me?

Pressure on my chest
My soul is sinking
My bodies left to rest.
Track Name: Waste
Call off the search
I know where you've been
You can't combat all the evil within
You where poisonous
But I still let you in
You where impossible to finish

I don't want to win if it means that you
Fucking loose
Thats a quality of mine you do abuse

You fell away from me so consciously
You laid the key to my heart at my feet
You failed my trust has left on the ship that sailed

Lying alone is better than your lies through the phone
I let you murder the last living part
A true work of art
I once called my heart

Affection is a fucking disease
Get it away from me it's something I wont fucking need
Parasitic piece of shit I can't believe it's come to this
Picture this,
You where a girl that I dismissed and our attraction faded in to the abyss

So how many hours of waste?
How did we get here in the first place?
Nothing is as real as hate.